We are the Aero team of the "Third dimension Aeromodelling club". We are a team of enthusiastic people, passionate about Aerodynamics and Aircraft Mechanics.

What we do?

We participate in national level aeromodelling competitions, tackle different design problems and solve them with our unique approach. We also tackle various problem statements in the areas of aerodynamics, structural mechanics, fluid mechanics, CAD and Fabrication. The Aero team works on fixed-wing aircraft built according to different aeromodelling competitions’ specifications and focuses on drone design, path planning, etc.

Aero Domains

Design and Analysis

The analysis team of the 3D aeromodelling club takes simulates the best dimensions and placements of the different parts of the plane while achieving our design objectives. These are done using software such as XLFR5, ANSYS, etc. We also determine the conditions for stable flight and ensure ease of take-off and landing.

CAD Modelling and Fabrication

The CAD and Fabrication team is responsible for making the aerodynamic design of an aircraft into a real-world model. The Team initially gets inputs from the design and analysis team and creates a 3D computer model of the Plane. The 3D model is then analysed and tested using various software’s. After the model passes all the computer tests, it is then fabricated and tested. Fabrication is done with the help of modern manufacturing techniques like laser cutting, 3D printing, etc. The team has also worked on underwater models.

Structures and Stability

The structures and the stability of teamwork on fields make the plane more economical and efficient. We explore different rib, spar, skin and stringer designs based on topology optimization. We also optimize the payload to maximize the efficiency of the plane. We perform stress-strain analysis and explore other materials that can be used for fabrication. Other than that, we work on flight simulations and also perform test flights on the fabricated model.


We build Hovercrafts, also known as Air Cushioned Vehicle(ACV), an amphibious craft capable of travelling over land, water, mud, ice, and other surfaces.
We participate in inter and intra college hovercraft Competitions, which contains various problem statements which test the wide range of applications of Hovercraft like Surveillance and Payload Carrying. We also conducted Hover competitions in Pragyan, (South Indian Biggest Tech Fest) of NIT Trichy.