About us

​At The 3rd Dimension Aeromodelling Club, we engage ourselves to design and develop a span of models varying from Aerodynamic gliders to Autonomous Drones.
We take up projects that unfold new areas related to aeromodelling, fluid mechanics, surveillance, advanced control systems, and auto-piloting algorithms which sets new records for us.
The club was founded in 2013 by a bunch of aeromodelling enthusiasts who had a passion for defying gravity and soaring high by building UAVs from scratch. Over the years, our models have been evolved a lot, our domain has expanded wide, and we have secured many podiums in different National Competitions and events. ​








Awards Won



  • 3rd place in Sangam for Project Akula in the defence and Industrial technology Domain.
  • 3rd place in Sangam for Project VKAT in Energy & Environment Domain.
  • 2nd place in Sangam for Project Balloon Drone in Energy & Environment Domain.
  • 2020

  • Finalist and Top 5 over 50 swarm Robotics Challenge IIT Madras.
  • Top 8 over 150 eyantra MHRD & IIT Bombay.
  • Awarded E yantra summer Internship at IIT Bombay.
  • 4th Place in MIT SKYRUSH Competition.
  • Finished at 10th and 15th position in VIT Aerodominator.
  • 2019

  • 1st Place in Sangam for Project Aero Elastic Resonance Turbine in Energy & Environment Domain.
  • 2nd Place in Sangam for Project Mid Flight Reconfiguration drone in Defence & Industrial technology Domain.
  • 3rd Place in Sangam for Project Flight Safety Check System in defence & Industrial Technology Domain.
  • 4th Place in Sangam for Project Vertical Take-off & Landing in Health care & Life Sciences Domain.
  • 3rd Place in HOVERONE - Hovercraft competition in Pragyan.
  • 2nd Place for design report in SAE-VIT Aerodominator 6.0.
  • Finalist IEEE National Micromouse Challenge- IIT Madras.
  • 3rd position, TransfiNITT.

Our Domains